Here Are Some Options For Hotels When Staying In Laurinburg NC

Laurinburg is one of those beautiful cities in North Carolina that you are going to really enjoy visiting. The more you read about it, the more excited you are going to get about your vacation. You will need a place to stay, and so let’s look at some of the hotels that you have as options. There are different types of traditional hotels, and there are bed and breakfasts.

How does staying at Pine Acres Lodge sound? This cute little lodge located at US Highway 15 has a pool, Wi-Fi and all the things that you would expect from a simple hotel. It is an older property, but it is a good one. Reviews say to expect southern hospitality at its finest. So perhaps it’s not all about the luxuries at Pine Acres Lodge but the service you receive. Of course, it is still a comfortable lodging option.

If you prefer the luxuries of a nicer hotel, then Holiday Inn Express is an available option. You know you can count on Holiday Inn Express. That hotel is available right in the city limits of Laurinburg. It also needs to be mentioned that there are hotels that you can pick outside of the Laurinburg city limits, too. There are even bed and breakfasts outside the city.

The reason I mention hotels that are outside the city is because Laurinburg is a small place. You aren’t going to have to worry about traveling too far away, so that opens you up to more hotels. Then there are all the great bed and breakfast options that you might not have known you would have. If you go to look at them, you are going to like your options. There are just something about bed and breakfasts that make them very warm and inviting, don’t you agree?

Scotland Inn Hotel is a great place to visit, and that is just one of the other places that is available. Thomas Walton Manor is the bed and breakfast option that you have. You will really enjoy this place according to the reviews. If you really don’t care for bed and breakfasts, however, a nice hotel is waiting for you. Just be ready to get checked in and start going on adventures around Laurinburg. You can enjoy the hotel during the nighttime after you are worn out and need some rest for the day’s next adventures. Now you at least know, too, where you might want to stay in Laurinburg NC.